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The Opium Doctorate

  My quest for the opium kingpin was finished. Through subterfuge and the help of corrupt officials, I had reached the village of Mae Ark, deep in the Heart of the Golden Triangle. I was surprised at the level of poverty that surrounded me. I found myself in the small village, home to 48 families, […]

The Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has brought back many memories. Let me tell you a story about my life in 1967. I was struggling with heroin addiction and finally swore off the stuff. But back then being clean meant just not shooting heroin. Marijuana was a nothing drug. Everyone smoked. When I kicked heroin, my parents […]

“Do Not Resist” – a movie about the militarization of our police force

As I write this the outcome of the election is unknown. Many people will be happy; many people will be upset. The fact that our country could be so divided has brought about a police force that is now being gifted with weapons of war that are no longer being used in the mid-east. For […]

The Most Frightening Election of My Life

When George W. Bush was running for President, it was scary. I couldn’t think of a worse outcome than having George W. become President. Yet I find it even harder to believe that a man as unstable, dishonest and dangerous as Donald Trump is actually being considered to lead our nation at this crucial time. […]

Moving Through Time

The world has changed so much since I was born. Sometimes it feels as if there is an evil force moving against us to keep us from improving the world. We know better but we act as if we don’t. This is the hottest year on record so far since we’ve been keeping time. We […]

The New Prohibition

I’ve been reading articles in the Boston Globe about the massive increase in overdoses almost every day. Then I found myself reading an article about the giant influx of fentanyl with machines to convert it into pills identical to pharmaceuticals from China.  Everybody used to blame Mexico; everybody blames prescription pills that are diverted; everyone […]

A Book Addiction

Instead of writing a novel today I have decided to write to you. Sorry it took me so long to respond but I am basically out of sorts. The emotional windmill has taken me for quite a spin and I don’t know if it is wind-driven or driven by the demons in my mind. Yes, […]

The Birth of Ar Lain Ta | a Tale of the Troll: Junkies, Angels & Demons

Everyone gets to pay the gatekeeper. In the end we pay with the only currency that we own. The gatekeeper’s desires are simple. All he wants is all we’ve got. They call me the Troll. I’m a gatekeeper of sorts and I have my own kingdom. Of course, I have to follow the rules too. […]

Great Writers But You Never Know Their Names

I just finished a great book called The Night People by Michael Reaves. Then I moved on to Voodoo Child by the same author. How many of you out there know this name? Michael Reaves was born on September 14, 1950, which makes him about 5 years younger than me. At this time he is […]

As We Age

When I was young I traveled far and wide and never worried about finding a bathroom during the trip. Well, at least not to take care of my normal bodily functions, that is. But now a new horror has arisen on the horizon. Last year my wife, Mary Esther, and I were traveling to Vermont […]