Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson Trio | Getting Fixed | featuring the lyrics of Marc D. Goldfinger

The Jeff Robinson Trio

Getting Fixed

The Jeff Robinson Trio features Professor Blake Newman on acoustic bass, King Dwight Hart on drums and Minister Jeff Robinson on vocals and sax.

Produced by Jeff Robinson. Recorded at PBS in Westwood, MA. Engineered by Peter Kontrimas. Mixed by David Westner at Wooly Mammoth Sound in Boston, MA. Mastered by Henk Koistra at 9thWest Mastering in Marlborough, MA. Cover art by Amy Brecker. Photo by John Cohan.

All words written by Marc Goldfinger. All music written by Jeff Robinson, Dwight Hart and Blake Newman except Crusin’ & Trials and Tribulations written by Jeff Robinson. All songs published by Purple Moon Music ASCAP copyright 1998. All rights Reserved.

Honey Boo Records, P.O. Box 750041, Arlington Heights, MA. 02475. Booking – Greg Polvere (617) 738-1059. All Illustration (c) 1998 Amy Brecker.

Tracklist: 1. A True Story: Where’s my Cigarette? [8:55] 2. The Great Equalizer [4:36] 3. Crusin’ [2:27] 4. Ask Any Junkie [5:15] 5. My Head [6:08] 6. The Man Wants to Go, The Man Wants to Stay [5:14] 7. Trials and Tribulations [5:12] 8. The Voices [9:18]

This is also featured in a self published book of short stories written by Marc Goldfinger entitled “Wheels Out of True.” Marc Goldfinger was born on December 8th, 1945 in Hackensack, New Jersey. He died in Livingston, New Jersey in 1962 of complications attributed to heroin addiction and was resurrected in The Peoples Republic of Cambridge in March 1994. He is a recovering poet. Marc has written and published three books of poetry and is finishing a novel entitled “Tales of the Troll,” that should be out by the time you finish listening to this CD. He has been published in street publications around the world. For more information on Marc Goldfinger write to: Marc Goldfinger, 76 Unity Avenue, Belmont MA 02478

Blake gives many thanks for love and support to: Florence, Julius, Victor, Marilu, Pia, Drew, Tor, Sheree, Maryann, Ulysses, Dick, Martha, Ben, Leisa, and most especially Anya. Blake gives big ups to: Luna, Indigo, Lily, Olivea, and Orion, Marc Goldfinger, the entire Lizard crew (including: Sue, Ash, Alex, Amy, Misty, Jackson and Billy), Afrocentrics, Cypherspace, Michael Holley, all the Lounge poets, Skeggy Kendall, Peter Kontrimas, Sylvia Morrison, Chuck Archard, Chris Madsen, Michael Deak, Joe King, Elisa Bolton and Co., Bob Toabe, Kevin Ball, Patricia Smith, Al Curtis, Josette Lamotte, Mamadou Diop and all my friends in Dakar, Prita Manganiello, Madhavadeva Reardon (WHMB), Elizabeth Rose, Rose Lane, Paul newman, Carol Tenneriello and Co, Tommy Hannigan and Co., and Mr. Stockbizzy. Special thanks to the other rats (waddy & zig) for some great moments and always lots of laughs.

Dwight: I’d like to thank my parents Roger and Marlene for believing and supporting me and my Artistry and being my best friend. I love you. My sister Rogie for her unflinching love and always seeing the best in me (my #1 fan) I love you. I thank my daughters Shar-dei and Shay-la for being my Hartbeat. I am a proud father Daddy loves you. You can be anything you want to be. Continue to make positive decisions of positive textures. To the special lady in my life, Alesia. Thanks for your love, support and understanding, because I hear it’s hard to love a musician (smile)! I’m always encouraged by: Tony Williams, Stanley Turrentine and Richard “Grooves” Holmes. Thank you Tootsie and Shelton Bean, my mentors in music. My family friends and the people of Bermuda. Thank you Ashanti for being the sweetest neice in the world, the entire Lizard crew (including: Sue, Ash, Alex, Amy, Misty, Jackson and Billy), Special Thanks to: Butch and Brent Burgess, Patricia Smith, L. Davidson, J. Anderson, A. Packwood, D. Gorman, Vernon Hart, Randy Skinner, Al Smith, Gandy Burgess, M. Robinson, J. Marshall, Jughead, Lizard Loungers. Thanks to The Minister and The Professor.

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This CD is dedicated to the memory of Herbert and Brian Gordon and Uncle Leroy Butterfield and Elision Butterfield (The One String Bass Man)

The Jeff Robinson Trio is a very refreshing sound of ‘real’ acoustic Jazz and genuine creativity. The interplay between the words and the music flows very naturally. There are musical and lyrical moments that remind me of the Great Rahsaan Roland Kirk. The poetry (mostly prose) is heavily laden with the experience of a heroin addict. It actually has the main ingredient for a sound track to a movie. Even though there have been many recordings about the abuse of drugs, the culture, the highs and the lows, i.e., Superfly, The Last Poets, Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Goin’ On’, I can’t recall an entire album in this case a CD solely devoted to the addict and his addiction.

This is by no means a commercial hit nor is it a typical CD of music and poetry. This is an extremely unique blend of words and feelings and sounds that recreate the entire world of a Junkie. While listening to this CD you can smell the Junk Funk, you can feel the cigarette burning down to your fingers, you can taste the stale death of a Junkie’s breath, you can see his gray days and the darker nights. This is an Opera, a Junkie Jazz Opera that should be presented in film, on stage as well as discussed and dissected in the class room and the living room.

When I first met Jeff, The Last Poets had just finished a gig at a college upstate. After the gig we went to this quaint little cafe to get something to eat. The Jeff Robinson Trio was playing there. They were positioned right in front as soon as you walk in the door. Our eyes met and we all acknowledged each other. We were escorted to our seats while the trio continued to play. After a while I imagined that I was hearing one of our Last Poet’s poems, Jones Comin’ Down, being recited on stage. I wasn’t imagining. It was Jones Comin’ Down being performed by the Jeff Robinson Trio. I was impressed, and somewhat amazed to realized how relevant that poem still is today. After the food and the set we spoke, exchanged numbers and knew we’d meet again. I loved his approach to the poem and his passion for the music. He and it were organic. I feel very honored to now have this opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about this new work and some of his original compositions. I am certain that anyone who lends a patient ear to this CD will be enriched, informed and inspired. — Abiodun Oyewole, Member of “The Last Poets”

listen to the Jeff Robinson Trio | Where’s my Cigarette? (4 minute excerpt)

listen to the Jeff Robinson Trio | The Great Equalizer

listen to the Jeff Robinson Trio | Crusin’

listen to the Jeff Robinson Trio | Ask Any Junkie (4 minute excerpt)

listen to the Jeff Robinson Trio | My Head (4 minute excerpt)

listen to the Jeff Robinson Trio | The Man Wants to Go, The Man Wants to stay (4 minute excerpt)

listen to the Jeff Robinson Trio | Trials and Tribulations (4 minute excerpt)

listen to the Jeff Robinson Trio | The Voices (4 minute excerpt)

The entire CD is available in MP3 format  (192kbps, 44100hz, Stereo) inclusive the cover art, and leaflet  via my partner page Metropolis by clicking here… 50 percent of the 10 EURO download price will go to Spare Change. Spare Change is an endeavor of the Homeless Empowerment Project. (HEP)