Why Our Country Can’t Trust Mitt Romney

So, as Mitt Romney wins in the Illinois Primary and knocks Santorum out of the race, which makes him the Republican candidate, he decides he will not take Medicare. Would that we all had that option! If I was as rich as Mitt, I wouldn’t take Medicare either. Why would a rich man want to rob the system if he doesn’t need to?

As a matter of fact, one of the first things Mitt wants to do is cut aid to the poor and disabled while raising Pentagon spending even higher than some hawks recommend. Mitt wants to be President because he wants to rob the system. Romney wants to feed the rich and starve the poor.

Mitt already robs the system. For as much money as he has, I’ll bet he doesn’t pay as high a per cent of taxes as my wife does. There are plenty of loopholes built into the system and Romney is a master at making use of them. He has no concept of what the average person, like you and I, have to go through to make ends meet.

For example, he owns a house, one of a few, in La Jolla, California. Mitt has decided to build an extension on this house, already worth over 12 million dollars, that will enable him to store his multiple cars because, in his neighborhood, space is at a premium.

Mitt is adding to the house and building an elevator or “car lift” that will move his cars between floors. That way his wife’s two Cadillacs, possibly among others, will be able to be stored properly. One would wonder if the “car lift” would have a ceiling high enough to accommodate the dog’s cage so the dog could be stored with the cars making it easier to leave and go on a trip with less bother.

We all live like that in the good old U.S.A., don’t we? I guess not. How can this man possibly have any concept of how us commoners live? Do you really believe that this man, who lives like royalty, can have the people’s interest at heart?

“I’ll bet you $10,000 that’s not true,” Mitt said in a debate about something that Gov. Perry from Texas said. Most of us would offer a $10, even $50 bet but 10 “Large”? C’mon Mitt, let’s get down to Earth.

Now let’s take a look at the super PAC’s that have thrown money towards Mitt Romney’s campaign. Romney has a network of PAC’s that give him major contributions and the source of them is somewhat hidden. These corporate entities seem to have been created specifically to hide the rich 1%’s identities.

For example, a group called Restore Our Future, (as if it disappeared in the first place), has changed it’s reports to the Federal Election Commission after media exposed that the contributions of $1 million and $250,000 were given to Romney through dummy limited liability companies (LLC’s).

In both cases, people with past affiliations to Bain Capital, a private equity firm created by Romney, or Bain & Co., a consulting firm Romney built from near disaster, admitted that they were the wellsprings of the money.

Restore Our Future has demolished Romney’s main competitors for the Republican nomination with a plethora of negative attack advertising. Restore Our Future has become a driving force and a political bulldozer in the game-changed world of campaign finance ever since the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizen’s United case two years ago, threw open the doors to unlimited corporate, labor union, and personal money to influence elections, according to the Boston Globe.

Marshall Merifield, who has backed Romney for a long time, according to the Globe, said, “When you max out personally, the super PAC is this sort of new game, an out of the box situation, and another way to help out.”

What Merifield is really saying is that corporations are now regarded as having the same rights as individual people, but with a whole lot more buying power—which translates to the crushing of free speech of the individual. The new playing field is twisted in favor of those people, such as Mitt, who are loved by the corporations that now have more power than most countries.

Now let’s take a look at Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who has worked hard to destroy the bargaining power and benefits of public workers; in essence destroying the unions that protect the common working man. People in Wisconsin are so incensed at having their labor protections stripped away from them that they have started proceedings to have a vote to Recall their Governor and replace him.

Mitt Romney has come out so hard in favor of Scott Walker that, in Wisconsin, people refer to him as “Mitt Walker.” After all, what understanding does a 1 per-center like Romney have when it comes to what the common American family goes through with their finances. How many common American’s can build elevators for their cars to store them off the streets? As a matter of fact, how many common Americans have so many cars that they would even consider doing something like that?

Mitt Romney just can’t be trusted. Women, especially, can’t trust this man. When Romney decided to run against Ted Kennedy he knocked Republican Janet Jeghelian, a former talk show host, right out of the race. She wasn’t a powerful candidate but she predicted Romney would flip-flop on abortion rights. Jeghelian was right. It took a while but he did.

Then Romney promised Jane Swift that he wouldn’t jump in and block her run for the Governorship of Massachusetts. In the blink of an eye, he leapt right in. Another woman stepped on by the Mitt Machine.

Shannon O’Brian, according to the Boston Globe, said, “The (women’s) choice issue is just one glaring reason why women can’t trust Mr. Romney. The broader, more profound issue is about what he will do to protect and preserve family health care across the country.” O’Brian, the Democrat Romney beat in 2002 says, “that’s the biggest flip-flop that women should be concerned about.”

You could call Mitt Romney “Elevator Man” because he wants the Presidency so badly that he’s willing to climb up the backs of the working people with the money of the other 1 per-centers to do just that. And Mitt is willing to do anything, say anything, promise anything—just to become President.

This “Massachusetts moderate” has become known for flip-flopping on so many issues, one would wonder whether he has had acrobatic training by the best. He can certainly afford it. But can the United States afford “Etch-a-Sketch” Mitt Romney for President?

Aren’t all politicians truth-twisters when it comes to election time? The sad story of Mitt Romney is that he is the King of the flip-flop, the man who grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth and his greatest goal is to be the King of the United States. Of course, we don’t have royalty—or do we? What is a Democracy when it becomes a Plutocracy?