The Butterfly In The Box

I will take care of you, said the man
to the butterfly. I love you like magic,
he said, and all I want is a small
bit of the powder from your wings and then
I shall provide

all the things you should have in this
life. Only a bit, said the butterfly, of my
powder for such rewards, and the butterfly
was flattered, as the man touched
a bit of dust from each wing and the butterfly
soared that night. All was well and the man took
her in when she touched down and showed
her a mighty metal home. Here, he said, when
you are tired, is where you may rest. No
one, nothing can get to you here, with
the exception of me, and I love you so
all will be well. Tonight, before you sleep,
I would take a bit of your powder between
my fingers. This is all I ask and I will always
be there to protect you. The butterfly bowed
her head and she had misgivings deep in her
heart but put them aside and said, take,
take of my powder,
and he did.

That next day she did fly yet she could not soar as
high and she tired more easily than other
days. She was happy to have a fine metal
box to rest in with her good man beside her
yet her heart felt that something
was missing. There were many days and times,
and he brought her

many fine things, always taking, always
taking a bit more dust from her wings. A voice
cried out within her and she whispered
to the voice, Quiet, he loves me, I must give
my share.

Flying became hard, she was in
the box more and more, she had many things
but there were times she was lonely
in the box. The man had his own life
still, and was not always there. The day came when

flying had become very difficult, and she
asked him for a bit of her dust
back because she could not clear the
lip of the box. This I will

not do, said the man. But I can not make
it out of the box, the butterfly said, won’t
you help me out, after all, you love me, do
you not? Yes, I love you , said the man, you
will be safe, no one can get

to you now. Suddenly the butterfly
was frightened, the small voice
inside was screaming and she tried
to rise. The man smiled as he

closed the lid of the box.