The EGO of Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Much to Barack Obama’s regret, the pastor that he grew up with and worshipped with when he was young, his former pastor, has an ego the size of a brontosaurus. This Rev. Jeremiah Wright does not want to help Obama become President.

Rev. Wright’s goal is merely to gain as much publicity and cash as he can. Humility is out the window. He hopped on this bandwagon of destruction, gained a bit of attention, saw an opportunity, and grabbed hold of it like a Piranha that hasn’t eaten in days.

Rev. Wright, much to the detriment of the country and Obama, has seized the time, his time, and it is the only time he cares about. Instead of possessing the humility of a true Christian, he has the EGO of a man who thinks he is God.

Give a child who has struggled to get his mother’s attention for his entire life and gotten nowhere, a little press and he reaches, grasping maniacally, for more, more, more.

Wright plays the race card like a top shelf poker player but he doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he, as they say on the streets, “gets paid.”

Barack Obama is, at the expense of his campaign, being polite to this cantankerous old man who pretends to be a “minister of God.” Don’t believe for a minute that Rev. Wright is, as he says, defending the Black church, or Church of Colour, unless you see through to the truth.

Rev. Wright is defending the COLOUR GREEN, the colour of money, and he sees his opportunity to be in the limelight and “get paid” plenty. He’s in it for the money, folks, and he doesn’t care if, in the process of getting rich, he helps to destroy his country.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is nothing but an egotist with a big mouth who has found a platform where he appears important. What Rev. Wright, this ”pretender to the pulpit” really needs is for someone to stuff a size 10 shoe right down his prattling throat.