Suicide Bombing, A Perversion of a Private Event

As bloody wars continue in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur and other places around the world, basically because our species is sliding into insanity, suicide bombing is gaining in popularity.

I consider suicide a private event. Let’s say you are dying of cancer and suffering excruciating pain and have no hope of recovering life as you once knew it, then suicide becomes euthanasia. I believe this is valid and courageous, a leap into the unknown from the what we know.

But when one commits suicide with the intent of taking other people with them, this is the ultimate act of cowardice. If you think committing suicide is glorious because of a perversion of a religious belief, then, by all means, take yourself out. But be brave. Go by yourself.

Just recently, in Baghdad, one of many suicide events took place at the funeral of a slain Fallujah leader, killing 30 people in the process. Also, just recently, the “martyr influence” has spread to Somalia, where a suicide bomber reportedly filmed his “trip to glory.” More likely a trip to gory.

This is cowardice at its ultimate. Also, the leaders of the people who encourage these acts of cowardice never do it themselves. What they do is brainwash others into making the “great sacrifice.”

When a species can reason, it is obvious that war is insane unless you are defending your turf, I guess, whatever that means. I’ll have to think about it.

But suicide bombing is not only a cowards act, it is the action of a sucker, a person who has been deluded into thinking he/she will go to glory by leaders who hide behind walls, inside caves, or the basements of castles. One has to ask, if suicide bombing is so great, why wasn’t Osama bin Laden on one of the planes?

Go ahead, strap yourself with dynamite and blow yourself and a bunch of others to pieces of inanimate meat. If you do, you are a coward and a sucker. Think before you waste your life. Religion should have nothing to do with it.