Our Fighting Men & Women

You know it’s a damn shame that Punk George doesn’t want to give the same kind of support to our vets once they’ve been damaged by this war that never should have happened.

Recently Marine Private Jonathon Schulze, 25, of Stewart, Minn., the recipient of two Purple Hearts for his service, attempted to check into a psychiatric unit in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He was suffering from extreme PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) brought about by the horrors he experienced while serving near Fallujah in 2004. He tried to check in on January 11th with bags packed and they turned him away, placing him 26th on a waiting list. He told intake counselors that he felt like killing himself more than once. Desparate, he called again on Jan. 12th and they still did nothing.

He hung himself four days later.

They don’t put you through bureaucratic bullshit when they send you to the war zone.

Why doesn’t George W. go over there, don a uniform, and fight.

Before this war began I wrote an editorial for the Spare Change News in Cambridge Mass saying that if George wants a fight so badly, he should get in a ring with Saddam Hussein. I also said that it would be cheaper and less lives lost, maybe none, if we went into Iraq and rebuilt all the damage we did during the first Gulf War, new hospitals, new schools, a new water infrastructure, etc.

But no, George and his puppet-master Dick Cheney and Donald Duck Rumsfeld wanted a war and they didn’t care who died as long as it wasn’t them.

We’re going to be paying the price for this war for a long time to come.

My condolences to all the parents of the brave men and women who had to go over there.

Believe me, Private Schulze wasn’t the only suicide because of VA neglect. Marine Corporal Jeffrey Lucey of Belchertown, Mass was another victim of this fiasco brought about by our incompent leaders.

George W., Dick Cheney, Donald Duck Rumsfeld and others should be arrested and tried for war crimes in a just world.

There are more terrorists now than ever because of this war. If you feel safer now, you’re asleep.

On another subject, the Doomsday Clock, created in 1947 to warn the world of the dangers of nuclear (can you pronounce that word yet George) weapons, advanced the clock to five minutes before midnight. The last time they moved the clock was 2002.

“We stand at the brink of a second nuclear age,” was the statement by the clock’s board of directors. North Korea, Iran, even the United States new love affair with “bunker buster” nuclear bombs and the existing 26,000 American and Russian weapons keep the clock ticking.

How many nuclear weapons does it take to destroy a world? We’ve got ‘em, they’ve got ‘em and one day, some asshole’s gonna start using them again.

The threat of Global Warming, which is not an illusion folks, also helped to move the Doomsday Clock to five minutes before midnight. By midnight, I don’t mean it’s time for a snooze either, my friends.

The closest to midnight the clock has ever come was two minutes to in 1953, right after the United States and the Soviet Union started testing hydrogen bombs. The farthest it was was in 1991, when the “Cold War” appeared to come to a close.

And, on a much lighter note, while Bo Diddley was recently performing his work at the Reggatabar Jazz fest a week ago from Feb 15th, here in the Boston area, this photographer got right up in his face and started flashing away. Bo Diddley said, and I paraphrase, Hey, Don’t come in my kitchen and eat my chicken without asking me if you can have a piece. Where’s my money for all these pictures you’re taking without my permission? he asked.

Then some dope in the audience threw three dollars at Bo and his band. Bo picked up the money and counted one, two, three and then turned and counted his band members, one, two, three, four, five — and threw the guy some bad eyes.

Bo Diddley is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and is copied by many musicians. But, artists are usually phenomenally underpaid. Oh, there’s a few really really rich ones, but most artists die poor, depressed and unknown.

When a good artist makes it, at least respect him. I wonder what those clowns that dissed him in the audience add to the world?

I received the Bo Diddley info from the Boston Phoenix courtesy Katie Johnston Chase. Thanks.

Mission Accomplished, heh heh.