On The Pyapon River, Burma

The bodies float. Plain folks are bathing in the river next to the bodies that have turned white. The bodies are stuck in mangrove trees in the river. Women are scrubbing clothes near the bodies.

How many dead? Myanmar is in shock. Because of the after effects of the storm, some say over 100,000 will die.

The government blocks relief efforts in their own way.

And in Seneca, Missouri, people search for the dead after the tornadoes.

Massive shocks in weather-patterns in different parts of the world. The Earth is stressed by the human species and when it burps, the crises occur.

In the meantime, the United States has, with deadly precision, shot a satellite out of the sky with a missile. Can you hear your cell phone crackle with static.

Be afraid. Maybe just be resigned. When Rome fell, it was one pocket of civilization in a giant world.

When this civilization falls, all the links will be exposed. We are all linked together but it seems as if we just don’t get it yet.

For those of you who do, I apologize. I just saw a Bruce Willis movie last night. That’s my explanation.