Mitt Romney, Massachusett’s “MonkeyMan”

In the CD called The Traveling Wilbury’s, there is a song called Tweeter and The Monkey Man, where they sing “In Jersey everything’s legal unless you get caught.” Mitt Romney is Massachusett’s Monkey Man.

Just recently his driver posed as a police officer both in New Hampshire and in Massachusetts. Jay Garrity, Mitt Romney’s man who identified himself as Trooper Garrity on at least two occasions, was even driving, according to the Boston Metro, on a suspended driver’s license.

According to the report, Mitt Romney was in the car on at least one of the occasions.

Jay Garrity has taken a leave of absence from Romney’s employ at this time and Mitt, always there when you need him, says “He’s a good guy and wish him the very best, but this is really now in his hands.”

When you’re super-rich like Mitt, “everything is legal, sometimes even when you get caught.” Romney may be the worst candidate running. He really only gives a damn about himself and his family and sees the Presidency as just one more “feather” to collect.

Romney has a net worth of $350 million and is feeding his campaign money hand over fist. Like George W. Bush, he inherited his giant stake of “start” money. He’s just smarter and more dangerous. He doesn’t give a damn about the working guy or gal.

W. Bush is the worst President we’ve ever had but, if Mitt cops the big “feather”, he might top Dubya at that position.

Romney is the rich, works and favors only the rich and is a pretty frightening spectre on the horizon. The United States has become a Plutocracy and Mitt Romney is the new MonkeyMan.