Long Time, No Surveillance

You can tell it’s summer. I’ve neglected my posting; Congress is getting ready to take a month off after stripping us of some more freedoms because Papa George W. thinks we’ll be safer. They can wiretap at will now, folks.

Also, the new estimate of the cost of World War Iraq is now 1 trillion dollars. You know, Social Security and Medicare wouldn’t be in trouble if the government could throw money at it like they are doing to kill good men and women in foreign places.

Do you feel safer now? Why couldn’t that money rehabilitate bridges so we don’t have another debacle like Mississippi? Man, that shouldn’t have happened.

George W. ran almost every company he was in charge of into the ground, took his share and then ran. Now he’s in charge of our money. There is no such thing as Government money. It’s our money that they take from hard-working people.

Well, it’s August and Congress and George will take a vacation. I’ll bet our soldiers in Iraq aren’t on vacation. Neither is Iraq.

God help us all. What is the matter with the human species? Can you hear the fiddles?