Just Thoughts on today

I just started reading Thomas de Quincy’s Confessions of an Opium Eater; I was lucky enough to get an original version published in 1950.

I’ve read excerpts of his Confessions but I never had the entire version. As a former heroin addict for over three decades, I’m quite interested in his version.

I’ve written a 36 chapter book called Tales of the Troll. It concerns addiction and ecology and some of the old Gods are in it and some new.

The heroes are heroin addicts and angels. My other book, not counting numerous poetry books is a book of essays on addiction complicated with other major mental illness. It’s a miracle I made it out alive.

If I drank the way I used heroin I wouldn’t be alive today.

Yes, I do get published. You can do a search engine on Yahoo or Google for Marc D. Goldfinger and see a smattering of my work.

Sara Gran, the author of Dope, a noir thriller put out by Penguin, says “Marc D. Goldfinger beats the hell out of most writers working today.” I was happy to be validated. I’m 61 years old. The closer you get to the edge, wherever the personal edge is, the less time one has to say what they have to say.

So say it now.