Hello, This Is The U.S.A. Calling

In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.—— George Orwell

The run for president has begun. This is the first year that the opposing party — the republicans — has actually put out a show of disinformation, slander, and other forms of verbal attack — while the Democratic Convention is going on.

The Democrats(and when they do I will not capitalize them either) say they will do the same. Our country is going to hell. It is falling, faster than Rome or Greece. Forget the rules. Rule number 1) There are no rules. Rule number 2) See Rule number 1.

This is the final 911 that George W. Bush will be president. I still can’t capitalize the title of the office while he remains president. I hope he’s snorting cocaine and eating pretzels today. We’ve come a long way baby.

George used 911 as an excuse to invade Iraq. This is now costing the U.S.A. over 11 billion dollars a month. The Iraqi war needs to be cut off at the knees and all our men and women brought home immediately. No excuses. It’s a disaster if we stay, and because we went, it will be a disaster if we come home. That’s the way it is, whether we like it or not.

Even if all our soldiers are brought home immediately, the medical costs from brain trauma alone, not counting all the other injuries, will continue. There’s nothing we can do about that except make sure we pay for them. We can just cut our losses, that’s all.

It’s seven years later since the planes hit the Twin Towers; since people were leaping from the buildings holding hands, screaming; since the buildings fell, killing firemen, police, and other innocents who just happened to work there.

Seven years later and the policies of George W. and Dick Cheney have isolated the U.S.A. from the rest of the world. We’re lucky that many people from other countries know that the majority of us don’t agree with their idiotic policies that have gutted our budget.

Seven years later. If I had a credit card and I spent money like our government is spending money, the company that gave me the card would take it away, toot-sweet, and they would have every reason to do so.

Bill Clinton may have cheated on his wife but at least he balanced the budget. We would be better off if George W. cheated on his wife and balanced the budget but, as far as we know, he was faithful to his wife and demolished the budget. He gave money to giant corporations; started two wars; he threw the American people some crumbs to keep them from complaining too much, but most of the money was ill-spent.

Seven years later. Now the United States owes over 9.5 trillion dollars and that black hole of debt is growing exponentially. I hate to say it but both of our candidates are proposing giveaways that the U.S.A. cannot afford.

John McCain is proposing $100 billion in tax cuts for giant corporations and has threatened to continue the war “for 100 years” if he has to do so. Come on John, who is going to pay for this out of what we no longer have? The United States is teetering on the verge of a financial tragedy so severe that our country is about to implode and no one seems to be paying attention.

Even Barack Obama, who I’m going to vote for, is proposing $80 billion in tax cuts for working families, and I’m all for that but, unfortunately George W. and his cronies have spent all the money and now they’re borrowing from God knows who to keep things going, so where is the money going to come from? Maybe that’s why the republican war room is attacking; so they can screw us all untill the end.

I’m all for the $65 billiion healthcare expansion that Obama is proposing; God knows we need it; I just don’t know where the money is going to come from unless — dare I say it — we shut the whore of a war machine off forever. What must it take for this human species to understand that we cannot continue to make war, with the energy it takes to do so and the destruction it leaves in its wake for both the defeated and the “winner”, and survive on this planet Earth.

Seven years later. Gasoline is at 4 dollars a gallon and heating oil is more than that. We are heading towards winter and many people in the U.S.A. are not going to be able to eat and heat simultaneously. It is a fact that some elderly people, because of their poor circulation, can can down with hypothermia at temperatures of 62 degrees.

Seven years later. Think of all the elderly people, the people who are financially stressed because of low pay and fixed incomes who are going to need monetary assistance just to heat their homes this winter. It was bad last winter, but since then oil has gone up over 1 and one-half dollars.

Where is the money going to come from? In the short history of George W. Bush’s life, he has run many businesses into the ground. This time it is our country running on empty. To be precise, I must say we are running below empty and the interest rates on the money we owe, as a debtor nation, are piling up at an astronomic rate.

We are calling 911. No matter who wins the presidency this year, they will look bad because they will be inheriting a crashed computer, a bankrupt company called the U.S.A. If John McCain wins, our country will spiral deeper into debt and homelessness will increase. The poor will become poorer and the middle-class will become poor. It will be like a Black Hole in space and our society will spill into it, riding the horses of Death, Destruction, Disease and Desperation.

When a society collapses, it isn’t pretty. The people who come to power when a community shatters aren’t the nice guys. Who remembers the gas lines of the 70′s? What do you think will happen when the shelves at the local supermarket are empty? Are you ready for that?

No one wants that to happen but the rope upon which our civilization hangs has become worn and tattered and, one by one, the threads that it is made of are snapping.

Oil. It is needed to make plastic, it is in our agri-conglomerates’ fertilizer and runs their machines, it brings our food to the stores where we go in our cars that use oil in the form of gasoline to get there to buy the food that is wrapped in materials made with and from oil.

During World War I and II the people of the world rationed what they used and made sacrifices so our civilization could survive. It is just 7 years after the Twin Towers fell and we have been on an oil orgy, spending our fossil fuels as if they were unlimited and spilling the waste products of our consumption into the air, into the water, into all the other species that live on our planet(the one’s we haven’t killed yet), and into ourselves.

Death is staring at us as we look into the mirror but we cannot recognize it. It is like the man or woman who one day looks into the mirror and sees grey hair, wrinkled skin, old eyes staring back at them and they are struck by the fact that they are near the end of their lives. How did it happen so fast? Just yesterday everyone was playing in their lives as if no one had to pay for their consumption.

It is seven years since the towers fell, since people leapt screaming into eternity from the heights of power, and it is time to pay the bill. Burn-out has been coming for quite some time. George W. is truly the Caesar who fiddled while the U.S.A. burned but no one cared to stop him. We took our $300 check a few years ago and just this year we took our $600 check and said “thank you very much” but did we think that this was some cheap payoff for selling our souls?

Seven years later. This is it. It is time for U.S. to call 911. Unfortunately, it looks as if no one will be there to answer the call. We might just have to pick up the phone ourselves and hope that we have done it in time. Like the heroin addict on the street, we have to ask ourselves, “Who did this to U.S.?”