Elephant Kills Allowed in Africa

After a 13 year suspension, officials in South Africa approved an annual culling, that’s killing, of elephants in their some of their national parks. In the Virunga, a forested region by the eastern Congo’s borders with Rwanda and Uganda, only 350 elephants remain, but they say that’s too many.

In the meantime, in Virunga National Park, 14 elephants have been poached even before the annual “culling” went into effect, and that’s just since mid-April.

If there were only 350 humans left in Massachusetts, for example, you would say we were an endangered species.

Elephants are extremely intelligent beings. They even have dying places and they return to those places periodically to mourn those they have lost from their family.

When they do a “culling”, they usually shoot down the head elephant, the Matriarch, because the other elephants will run to protect her and then it will be an easy slaughter with the elephants all close together.

Species after species are disappearing at an alarming rate because of humanity’s ways. What the hell is wrong with us? In recorded history there have been five major species die-offs, one of them due to a giant meteor hitting the Earth and dramatically changing climates all over the world.

Some scientists say we are in the sixth major die-off. This time it is because of humanity, or the lack of it within us.