Again, the U.S. screws our battered Service People From the War Zone

At the Walter Reed Army Medical Center the soldiers who have served honourably in an intolerable war that should never have taken place are housed in dingy rat and roach infested quarters while they wait months and months, stretching into over a year for some, to find out their fate.

Will they be sent back? Are they fit to be sent back? Why should they be punished for our country’s inability to provide troops for what has now turned into a civil war.

The U.S. has de-stabilized the Mid-East, sent our good men and women to die, suffer, be wounded phsically and mentally and then, denied livable quarters and, even though disabled, denied disability payments.

A brain-injured corporal was told that his damage pre-existed his head wound and was denied disability. His wife had to call a House of Representative staff member to get him a 50% disability. Why should this happen?

I quote “this is the first time this country has fought a war for so long with an all-volunteer force since the Revolution.”–Major General George W. Weightman.

Meanwhile, Great Britain is pulling out. They are pulling their 7,100 soldiers while crazy George W. is sending a “surge” of over 20,000 of ours into the meat grinder that his regime has created.

Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts says, “No matter how the White House tries to spin it, the British government has decided to split with President Bush and begin to move their troops out of Iraq. This should be a wake-up call to the administration.”

Unfortunately, our president and his men are not asleep; they’re dumb and dumberer. The damage to our country will take generations to clear up.

God help us. Please George, Dick, and Condoleeza — quit before it’s too late. Or is it already too late?