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  Marc D. Goldfinger beats the hell out of most writers working today. — Sara Gran, author of…

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Marc D. Goldfinger beats the hell out of most writers working today.

— Sara Gran, author of Dope, published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, a member of Penguin Group Inc.

For those of us who made it back, for those of us who did not return, and especially for those who loved us no matter what.Dedication to Spare Change News, 1151 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138, because they helped to bring me back from the dark, lonely streets of homelessness and heroin addiction.

Marc. D. Goldfinger

Table of Contents

An Introduction of Sorts To My Life and This Book – page 6
Out Of Despair, Hope – page 9
The Junkie – page 12
Chains On Her Wrists – page 13
In The World Of The Addict – page 15
The Edge of Relapse – page 19
I Am A Heroin Addict – page 22
Strategies of Harm Reduction – page 24
Heroin: The Road Back – page 26
Heroin Addiction, Overdoses and The Use Of Naloxone – page 32
Addiction Is An Illness, Not A Crime – page 34
What Would You Do For A Fix? – page 36
San Francisco Musings – page 41
How I Found Out What A Detox Was – page 47
For Addicts Only – page 51
When The Enemy Is Me – page 55
Some Addicts Get High. Some Addicts Die – page 57
In Memory Of Tim Kelleher – page 61
In The Dead Of Winter – page 68
The Voice Of Addiction – page 71
The Benches In Front Of Libby’s Liquors – page 74
Living With Depression and Addiction During Winter – page 77
Trust, Confidentiality, & Compassion – page 79
Clean Needles, Saving Lives: The Cambridge Needle Exchange – page 82
The Hotel Central Square – page 86
Resiliency: A Moment In Addict’s Time – page 89
Recovering From The Disassembly Of My Life – page 93
One Man’s Story of Domestic Violence – page 98
Seasons of Denial – page 102
Early One Morning – page 105
Suboxone: A Positive Alternative For Heroin Addiction – page 107
The Flower Days – page 110
Collections – page 114

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