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Trump or Drumpf, Whoever He Thought He Was

America a country of immigrants with the exception of the Indians, An indigenous race of color that a Trump with a red cock of hair Would hate anyway; he would give them blankets filled with Smallpox and deny it; if women complained Trump would accuse The women of bleeding; Trump is an abortion of a […]

A Book Addiction

Instead of writing a novel today I have decided to write to you. Sorry it took me so long to respond but I am basically out of sorts. The emotional windmill has taken me for quite a spin and I don’t know if it is wind-driven or driven by the demons in my mind. Yes, […]

Great Writers But You Never Know Their Names

I just finished a great book called The Night People by Michael Reaves. Then I moved on to Voodoo Child by the same author. How many of you out there know this name? Michael Reaves was born on September 14, 1950, which makes him about 5 years younger than me. At this time he is […]

As We Age

When I was young I traveled far and wide and never worried about finding a bathroom during the trip. Well, at least not to take care of my normal bodily functions, that is. But now a new horror has arisen on the horizon. Last year my wife, Mary Esther, and I were traveling to Vermont […]

Changes Over Time

Last night, that would be Monday, October 19, 2015, as my wife, Mary Esther and I, sat in the small chapel at the Weston Priory, I remembered how it was a bit over 10 years ago when the Benedictine Monks invited us up for a 5 day stay. How different it was for us then. […]

Opiod’s For Pain—The Best Idea

There is so much controversy about prescribing opiates for pain that it astounds me. The fact is that opium-based prescriptions are, by far, the best painkillers made. When pharmaceutical companies make opiates, they are regulated doses. There are no surprise overdoses, unless the patient takes more than is prescribed. Does this happen? Well, human nature […]

Fear The Walking Dead

I’m a big fan of the show The Walking Dead on AMC. Of course, I’m not the only one; this show has more watchers than any other show in history. So it’s big news that a new spin-off story has started on AMC called Fear The Walking Dead. It is the back-story for The Walking […]

Tales of the Troll

Drawing my Mel Burns Introduction to Tales of the Troll  I came across a laptop computer in the ruins of an old farmhouse in Lake Ninevah, Vermont. When I booted it up, these stories opened up. It seemed as if some junkie was spinning tall tales but I thought you might like to have a […]

A Story About Opium

To show how long the opiate wars have been going on, we’d have to go back to the mid 1800’s when the East India Company sponsored by the British was forcing ships full to the brim with opium cakes on China. Every year ships would arrive at China’s shores and dispense the opium to the […]

Two Dogs and A Kitten (Conclusion)

(A man comes back from prison and finds chaos at his home. At breakfast he accidentally killed their kitten by pushing it off the table. He’s struggling to stay clean but the stress is getting to him.) The children were crying. I was torn with sorrow as I looked at the dead kitten. Then I […]