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The Detox Blues: A Memoir (Part Four)

(Wife out of detox and we’re both high; just cut someone off on the road accidently but he’s after us now.) The cat was on us again like maggots on garbage. Coming real close and looking real grim when I peeped at him in the rear view mirror. We were just getting into town and […]

The Detox Blues: A Memoir (Part Two)

(I was dope-sick, trying to cop from a doctor; my wife was in detox.) I really wanted to smoke a cigarette to calm down but I didn’t want to walk in there stinking of tobacco so I just took some deep breaths and listened to the phlegm in my chest rattle. It sounded great. When […]

The Detox Blues: A Memoir (Part Three)

(My wife is in Detox. I can’t get into one for two days so I’m in the process of cashing a prescription because I’m dope-sick.) I can’t describe the feeling when you walk out of the drug store with the stuff in your hand. It is like the whole world is yours and you got […]

The Detox Blues: A Memoir (Part One)

I kept drinking the wine so the withdrawal from the Klonopin wouldn’t hit me. I didn’t want to have a seizure out here in the country. My wife, Sascha, had already gone into detox at a place called Canterbury Farm. Serenity House said that they had an opening for me but it would not be […]