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Trump or Drumpf, Whoever He Thought He Was

America a country of immigrants with the exception of the Indians, An indigenous race of color that a Trump with a red cock of hair Would hate anyway; he would give them blankets filled with Smallpox and deny it; if women complained Trump would accuse The women of bleeding; Trump is an abortion of a […]

You Get What Anyone Gets

Please click the image above or just click here… if you want to donate for Joe’s medical expenses. In times like this we all think, “I wish I could do something to help.” You CAN help, and here’s how: donate to the Joe Gouveia Recovery Fund to help with bills during this fight against cancer! […]


Listening to the news about the broken bodies in a school, I was waiting for my wife not taking anything for granted. have we gone too far, are there too many of us, a behavioral sink, that we turn on each other, gun in hand, weapon in hand, innocent eyes burning with blood, tears in […]

An Ode To My Batterer

You did it over a period of years. I don’t have quite the same amount of time. You did it methodically, it was prolonged spiritual agony, you wanted to make me tiny, to shrink me beyond that, then melt me into an even smaller piece. I cried, I miss trusted my friends, my parents, even […]

Junk Dream II

The dope calling to me again, junk sick, dirty money clutched tightly in my sweaty palm, I find myself in the subterranean apartment of the Troll. The shelves that lined the stone walls were filled with bottles of blood, a name on every bottle. The Troll takes a bottle down as I walk in and […]

A Bright Blue Light

For Mary Haut, March 29, 1913 — March 24, 2003 Mary flies over the Carpathian Mountains, she is back home in the Ukraine. She startles when the nurses surround her in the hospital bed ask her if she is all right, they tell her the heart monitors were going crazy back at the nurses’ station. […]


for Mary Esther Which lifetime was it when we first met? Did we sit, stunned by each other, the look in our eyes, in a country glen with the sound of our horses jingling the reins, snorting as they broke into full gallop on a Sunday afternoon, all the farmwork done, or was it another […]

The Butterfly In The Box

I will take care of you, said the man to the butterfly. I love you like magic, he said, and all I want is a small bit of the powder from your wings and then I shall provide all the things you should have in this life. Only a bit, said the butterfly, of my […]

The Angels of Gloucester

In Gloucester, the angels come together in hospitals, churches, kitchens, they laugh and cry in each other’s arms. Once they were dirt whores, carried by the winds of bad chance into dark hallways, virus-strewn streets, offered themselves to wasted men and other cracked demons to buy death on hard-time payments. Their spirits forgot the words […]


At the needle exchange she came in, short purple hair, skinny, beautiful, pupils wide with junk yen. Urgently she tugged my coat, said, “Marc, I think someone sold me a bad gram. I chipped a piece off it three times, shot it, just keep getting sicker each time I run it into my blood.” She […]