The Anthology of Liberation Poetry

Poems in English Edited by Tontongi and Jill Netchinsky. ISBN 10: 1-936431-01-7. ISBN 13: 978-1-936431-01-4. Trilingual Press, 2011; 320 pages. Trilingual Press, PO Box 391206, Cambridge, MA 02139


Joselyn M. Almeida, Ali Al-Sabbagh, Marc Arena, Soul Brown, Richard Cambridge, Neil Callender, Berthony Dupont Martín Espada, L’Mercie Frazier Patricia Frisella, Regie O’Hare Gibson, Marc D. Goldfinger, Calvin Hicks, Gary Hicks, Jack Hirschman, Everett Hoagland, Paul Laraque, Daniel Laurent, Denizé Lauture, Danielle Legros Georges, Tony Medina, Jill Netchinsky-Toussaint, Tanya Pérez-Brennan, Thomas Phillips, Ashley Rose Salomon, Margie Shaheed, Cheo Jeffery Allen Solder, Patrick Sylvain, Aldo Tambellini, Tontongi, Askia M.Touré, Tony Menelik Van Der Meer, Frantz “Kiki” Wainwright, Brenda Walcott, Anna Wexler, and Richard Wilhelm.

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